Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Senior Thesis

For my senior independent project I will be creating an interactive piece that will document peoples reaction to words based on their creative drawing. It will be creative a program which will display on a screen a word with strong meaning but still vague and up for interpretation, such as hate, love, happy, never, everything etc.

The person interacting will have a 20 seconds to draw what they feel when they read the word. Id like to supply them with a tablet to make computer drawing a bit easier. I would like there to be at least 6 words with a 20 seconds each, the process would take around 3 minutes.

Does 20 seconds seem to rushed to draw what comes to peoples minds from the words they are shown. Should I give them 30? I want people to draw from reaction and not have much time to think it over. I think that will encourage more in depth mental outcomes from what people create. But I do want them to have enough time to get their thoughts on the page. 20, 30, 40?

And also is 6 words too many. I don't want to push the persons attention span.

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